TVA board approves October rate increase


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    TVA board approves October rate increase

    On Thursday, Aug. 18, the Tennessee Valley Authority board of directors approved a wholesale rate increase that took effect on Oct. 1. The average cooperative residential member (using 1,000 kilowatt-hours per month) saw a $1.60 increase on monthly electric bills. TVA is raising electric rates to meet the power requirements in the Valley, make nuclear safety modifications following the earthquake in Japan, improve cybersecurity and continue investing in clean-air initiatives and energy efficiency. “These strategic investments are key to providing reliable, low-cost electricity now and into the future while being responsible stewards of Tennessee Valley resources,” said Tom Kilgore, TVA […]

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    Shutterbug contest winners

    Portrait photography can be difficult. More than a mere snapshot of a person you know, an effective portrait provides a window into the subject’s soul, giving viewers a more complete idea – beyond just physical characteristics – of just who that subject is. As with all of our Shutterbug Photography Contests, judging the entries in our “Portraits” competition was difficult, and there was no shortage of interesting, inspiring and downright entertaining entries – more than 1,100 were submitted. The judges thoroughly enjoyed “meeting” your parents, grandparents, children, friends, significant others and even pets and learning so much about these subjects […]

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    Commitment to Community

    Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative recently made a $3,000 contribution to the Hickman County Economic Development Association. The association coordinates efforts between utilities, government and other organizations to create jobs, recruit investment and implement other economic and community development strategies. “One of our core values is commitment to community,” says MLEC President and CEO Hal Womble. “Supporting organizations such as these is one way we can put that commitment into action and enhance local vitality and growth for the members we serve.” “When we can help with the creation and retention of jobs and community improvements, it fosters an improved economic […]

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    Copper Theft

    The price of copper has skyrocketed in recent years. Scrap copper is selling for five times the amount it went for just 10 years ago. Electric cooperatives in Tennessee use large quantities of copper and have been particularly hard hit by thieves. Cooper theft can severely damage a cooperative’s electric system and poses a serious safety threat for thieves as well as electric cooperative members and employees. “The value of a few hundred dollars of scrap copper wire is certainly not worth someone losing their life,” said Duck River Electric Membership Corporation Safety Coordinator, Troy Crowell. Recently, the DREMC service […]

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    Tennessee Co-ops Respond to Irene

    More than 115 volunteers from electric cooperatives in Tennessee are helping to restore electric service in North Carolina and Virginia following Hurricane Irene. This cooperation is enabled through mutual aid agreements between electric cooperatives.  A pre-storm conference call was held to work out details in advance of the storm. Many Tennessee crews were in place and ready to begin working just hours after the storm had passed. “The cooperatives where Tennessee crews are working have experienced severe damage,” says David Callis, vice president of statewide services for the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association. “Without the assistance of other cooperatives, the recovery […]

  • Barns of Tennessee features photos submitted by readers of The Tennessee Magazine


    Barns of Tennessee

    Barns of Tennessee is a beautiful 152 page book that features photos submitted by readers of The Tennessee Magazine. Whether built of stone, log, brick or metal, barns have long been the heart and soul of Tennessee farms. With this collection of photographs comes many heartfelt stories from Tennesseans about their ancestors, families, and barns. In Barns of Tennessee, authors Caneta Skelley Hankins and Michael Thomas Gavin explore various types of building methods and architectural types, comparing and contrasting their similarities and differences. They examine the relationship of barns to their traditional agricultural uses as shelters for animals, storage for […]

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    Move Over

    On July 1, Electric and other utility workers will be protected by Tennessee’s Move Over law NASHVILLE – The next time you see an electric utility vehicle working on the side of the road, slow down and give it room. The workers will appreciate your courtesy, and a new Tennessee law requires it. Legislation signed by Gov. Bill Haslam on April 5 expands Tennessee’s Move Over law to include electric and other utility vehicles. Police, fire and highway construction vehicles were already covered before the law’s expansion. Effective July 1, motorists approaching a utility vehicle with flashing lights are required […]

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    Full LIHEAP Funding Urged

    By Michael W. Kahn | ECT Staff Writer With temperatures in the nation’s capital topping 90 degrees for the 16th consecutive day, advocates fanned out seeking congressional support for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. LIHEAP advocates fanned out across Capitol Hill urging lawmakers to fully fund the program. (Photo By: Michael W. Kahn) “A lot of at-risk people across the nation are counting on us,” said Tom Stovall, chairman of the board of directors of the National Fuel Fund Network, of which NRECA is a member. Stovall spoke to more than five dozen participants in the network’s LIHEAP […]

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    Pole Attachment Bill Fails

    With the help of a strong grassroots push, co-ops in Virginia defeated legislation that would have subjected them to new state regulations on pole attachments and provided a windfall to telecommunications and cable companies. House and Senate committees in the Virginia General Assembly tabled bills backed by cable interests that would have curtailed co-ops’ ability to negotiate with providers on attachment terms, and capped fees they can charge for attachments to utility poles. Instead, the State Corporation Commission will conduct a study of the issue, with participation from all stakeholders, and report to the legislature in November. “It’s definitely a […]

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