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June 3 – Electric co-ops provide power and opportunity to 71 percent of Tennessee. #cooportunity

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June 4 – Want to make smart energy choices this summer? Save money with these great tips. [LINK TO EFFICIENCY ARTICLE ABOVE ON YOUR WEBSITE]

June 5 – Share article from tnmagazine.org. [LINK TO ARTICLE ON TNMAGAZINE.ORG]

June 6 – Electric co-ops provide power and opportunity in the communities we serve. #cooportunity [SHARE VIDEO BELOW]

June 7 – Do you know your eScore? Visit [CO-OP SITE OR 2ESCORE.COM] for information and incentives to make your home more comfortable and efficient.

June 10 – Tennessee’s electric co-ops work to make the communities we serve places where ideas take hold, products are crafted and opportunity is abundant. Learn more at http://tnelectric.org/cooportunity#cooportunity [INSERT IMAGE BELOW]

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June 11 – It pays to be safe. Visit everydaysafe.org for tips to keep your family safe around power lines.

June 12 – Looking for plans for the weekend? Check out The Tennessee Magazine’s calendar of events. [LINK TO TNMAGAZINE.ORG/EVENTS]

June 13 – #TNWYT

June 14 – #TNWYT

June 16 – Today is #FathersDay . We celebrate the dads on our team who power their home and their community. [POST PHOTO OF LINEMAN WITH THEIR CHILD/CHILDREN]

June 17 – #TNWYT

June 18 – #TNWYT

June 19 – #TNWYT

June 20 – Post photo of crews behind the scenes. Explain how their work keeps the lights on. [PHOTO]

June 21 – Today is the first day of #summer. Check out these tips to prepare your AC unit for the hot days ahead from energy.gov [LINK TO https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/maintaining-your-air-conditioner]

June 24 – This Lightning Safety Awareness Week, we hope you’ll keep these #StormSafety tips in mind and be #EverydaySafe.

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June 25 – Remember this #StormSafety tip: When you hear thunder roar, go indoors! LightningSafetyAwarenessWeek #EverydaySafe

June 26 – Opportunity isn’t found. It’s made. Electric co-ops support the creators, innovators, makers, dreamers and everyday Tennesseans who are redefining success. #cooportunity [INSERT IMAGE BELOW]

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June 27 – Why risk it? If you find yourself caught in a storm, quickly seek shelter indoors until it has passed. #LightningSafetyAwarenessWeek #EverydaySafe #StormSafety

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June 28 – Each day, electric co-ops enable the communities we serve to prosper. Learn more about how co-ops help empower growth in rural and suburban Tennessee at http://www.tnelectric.org/cooportunity. #cooportunity [INSERT IMAGE BELOW]

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