TVA sets second highest winter peak

Tuesday, Jan. 7, was an all-time record energy day for TVA using 703 gigawatt-hours over the 24 hour period. That equates to an average hourly demand across the entire day of 29,300 megawatts. Monday, Jan. 6, was TVA’s fourth-highest energy day at 678 gigawatt-hours.

“We appreciate all the efforts by our local power companies to reduce voltage, along with any appeals for power conservation locally during the heaviest demand period Tuesday morning,” the statement read. Many Tennessee co-ops took action to conserve energy in their own facilities and requested that members do the same via media releases and social media.

TVA’s peak demand reached 32,490 megawatts at 7 AM CST on Tuesday with a system temperature at 4 degrees. This is the second highest winter peak in TVA history and the lowest average temperature since a 3 degree average on February 5, 1996.

TVA’s record winter demand is 32,572 megawatts set on Jan. 16, 2009 when temperatures averaged 9 degrees, and TVA’s all-time record is 33,482 megawatts set on Aug. 16, 2007 when temperatures average 102 degrees.

TVA expects the cold weather to continue through Wednesday, Jan. 8, and electricity use to remain high. TVA is continuing an in-house conservation effort to reduce electricity use in TVA facilities.

Photo courtesy of Sequachee Valley Electric: Snow and ice accumulated in Sequatchie County on Sunday night, causing an out-of right-of-way tree to fall onto a three phase span and break two poles going up the side of Lewis Chapel Mt. SVEC Linemen worked in single digit temperatures for several hours to make repairs and restore power.

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