Legislation Passes Senate with Strong Support

The Senate Commerce and Labor Committee passed SB 1222 on Tuesday on an eight to zero vote. The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Bo Watson, seeks to end a decade of legislative disputes about the cost cable companies pay to attach to poles owned by electric utilities.

“We are pleased that the Committee understood the facts of this debate,” says David Callis, executive vice president and general manager of the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association.

“Electric cooperatives have offered a good-faith compromise that allows for a clear path for resolution when pole attachment rates are disputed and, at the same time, recognizes the actual cost differences between electric utilities. We believe the legislation is an equitable path forward for electric cooperatives, utilities and the cable companies.”

Discussion on the companion bill in the House continues.

The Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association is a trade association representing the interests of Tennessee’s 23 rural and suburban, not-for-profit electric distribution cooperatives and the 1.1 million members they serve.

Video of today’s committee meetings

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