About CoBank

CoBank is a national cooperative bank serving vital industries across rural America. The bank provides loans, leases, export financing and other financial services to agribusinesses and rural power, water and communications providers in all 50 states.

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Luke Gaines
Vice President, Electric Distribution
(404) 805-0007 | [email protected]

For more than 50 years, CoBank has been delivering critical financing to enable rural electric distribution cooperatives to fulfill their mission of providing reliable power to these rural communities. CoBank has financed the breadth of rural electric distribution projects, including smart grid technology implementations, distribution cooperatives’ entry into broadband communications, infrastructure upgrades and more.

Our services

Beacon: Strategic Planning and Facilitation Services

Cooperatives may share a similar mission but each one has its own unique challenges and opportunities on the horizon. Developing a plan to navigate uncharted waters is easier said than done. This is why we created Beacon. Participating in our interactive facilitation sessions will build a consensus with your board and/or management team, provide financial education and create a course of action to achieve your cooperative’s vision.

CoBank Farm Credit Leasing

Leasing offers fixed rates, custom payment structures and the chance to purchase, renew or return equipment when the lease is close to expiring. Leasing can extend to more than just maintenance vehicles, for example, cooperatives are leasing transformers, generators, backhoes, office equipment and furniture—whatever is needed.

Broadband Financing

Many Cooperatives are helping bridge the digital gap through fiber deployment projects. CoBank is an experienced lender in the communications industry and is capable of financing multiple business structures. Whether the need is an RDOF letter of credit, a short-term/bridge loan, or long-term financing, CoBank has the products and services to meet your Cooperative’s needs.

Sharing Success

Since 2012, CoBank and its customers have contributed more than $44 million through Sharing Success to charitable organizations coast to coast. Sharing Success recipients include volunteer fire departments, schools, health care facilities and programs assisting veterans. Sharing Success allows you to choose the most appropriate program for your own donation, and we will match your contributions up to $7,500.