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October is Co-op Month — a time to celebrate the unique spirit of electric cooperatives and the profound connections they forge. It is a great time to consider the important role electric co-ops play in empowering rural Tennessee — fostering opportunities, connecting us to the world and paving the path from today to a brighter tomorrow.

Co-ops connect energy and community: At the heart of a co-op’s mission lies the commitment to power homes, schools, factories and businesses in your community. Co-op energy powers education, healthcare, commerce, connectivity and even transportation.

Co-ops connect people and opportunity: Tennessee’s electric co-ops are working to create new opportunities for the people and places we serve. From creating jobs through economic development to inspiring students through our educational programs, electric co-ops connect individuals with opportunities they might not otherwise have.

Co-ops connect small towns and global knowledge: Thanks to our investments in broadband, electric co-ops are connecting the communities they serve with the world. Co-ops bring the latest advancements in technology to the heart of our communities, ensuring that the benefits of progress are accessible to all.

Co-ops connect today and tomorrow: The world is changing rapidly, and electric co-ops are investing today to prepare for a brighter tomorrow. We’re building a robust and resilient electric grid to ensure that our communities are prepared for whatever lies ahead.

This Co-op Month, let’s remember that the very essence of our electric cooperative is to connect — energy and community, people and opportunity, small towns and global knowledge, today and tomorrow. Together, co-ops are not just utilities; they are a vital links in the chain that makes our community thrive. Let’s celebrate the power of connection and the cooperative spirit that keeps our lights shining brightly.


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