Tennessee hosts electric co-op leaders from around the nation

Tennessee’s electric cooperatives are pleased to host more than 9,000 electric co-op leaders from across the nation for NRECA’s PowerXchange event.

“It’s Time to Lead” is the theme of this year’s event, the largest annual gathering of rural and suburban energy leaders in the country.

“As we prepared for this meeting, the excitement kept building because there’s so much to say in a moment like this,” said NRECA CEO Jim Matheson during his opening remarks. “But, one thing was obvious, and it became the theme for this meeting:  It’s Time to Lead.”

“Electric co-ops have the knowledge and the tools to do more for our members than at any point in time since we turned the lights on,” he continued. “We have the trust of our members and the support to make crucial new investments in our communities.  It’s a big job – a job for leaders.  Who better to take on that responsibility than us?”

Tennessee’s electric co-ops are pleased to welcome co-op leaders to the Volunteer State. “These are vital conversations that are taking place at a time of rapid transition, and we are honored to have them taking place here in Tennessee,” says Mike Knotts, CEO of the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association. “We’re glad that so many of our Tennessee co-op leaders can participate in these discussions. From policy issues to emerging technology, there is massive value for our co-op leaders and the communities they represent to engage in and learn from the information being shared this week.”

NRECA’s PowerXchange meeting runs through Wednesday, March 8 in downtown Nashville.

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