Vantage Point Adds Environmental and Cultural Resource Services

MITCHELL, SD (January 11, 2022) – TECA associate member Vantage Point Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of in-house Environmental and Cultural Resource services, further streamlining construction project management in the face of increasing permitting requirements.

“Construction projects across the country are facing increased environmental and cultural resource requirements,” says Chad Glanzer, President of Vantage Point Solutions. “The ability to provide these services in-house streamlines how our clients meet those requirements.”

The in-house team will help clients fulfill requirements of the National Environmental Protection Act, the National Historic Preservation Act, and the Clean Water Act, as well as state and tribal historic preservation offices, the Army Corps of Engineers, and FCC Form 620/621.

Environmental services include floodplain mapping, wetland delineation, biological and environmental studies, and agency coordination. Cultural resource services include literature reviews, reconnaissance surveys, site evaluation, mitigation plans, excavation and recovery projects, artifact curation, construction monitoring, and determination of effect.

Jana Morehouse

The new department is led by Jana Morehouse, a Registered Professional Archeologist and Department of the Interior-qualified Principal Investigator with over 15 years of experience in the industry. In this new role, Morehouse oversees a team of archeologists and environmental scientists whose experience spans the country in areas ranging from coastal monitoring to historical architecture. “We study the past to help others in the future,” Morehouse says. “As part of the Vantage Point team, we are leveraging that experience to improve and streamline client projects.”

Being part of a larger spectrum of services has additional benefits for clients, according to Morehouse: “Being fully integrated means we understand the entire project and can see problems before they become a problem. We can proactively fix things before they cause delays.”

Since it’s founding in 2002, Vantage Point has offered multiple integrated services under the same roof. In recent years that has included a focus on clearing hurdles to construction: The Right-of-Way and permitting team has been expanded significantly, and an Aerial Make Ready department was added in 2017.

The new Environmental department – which includes both environmental and historical preservation staff – is an extension of that focus, says Glanzer: “It’s easier for clients. Every project encounters an issue at some point, and being all on the same team means there’s less runaround to get to a solution. Experts are already engaged.”

The Environmental department will work alongside the existing Right-of-Way team, providing comprehensive permitting expertise directly integrated with OSP project managers.

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