’Tis extension cord season. Use them properly.

’Tis the season to unpack the extension cords and plug way too many devices into them.

Here are 10 tips from the Electrical Safety Foundation for using extension cords properly:

  1. Never plug an extension cord into another extension cord. They’re not designed for that kind of electrical load.
  2. Choose an extension cord designed for outdoor use if you plan to use it outside.
  3. Inspect your cords for damage, like cracks and loose wires. If they’re not in good shape, replace them.
  4. Avoid hiding an extension cord under a rug. The cord could overheat and catch the rug on fire.
  5. Buy cords only if they are approved by UL or another independent testing laboratory.
  6. Keep cords away from water and snow.
  7. Instead of nailing or stapling the cords when you use them to power strands of holiday lights on your gutters or walls, use plastic hangers that won’t puncture the cords.
  8. Don’t cut the third prong off of a three-prong plug to force it into a two-prong outlet. Instead, buy an adapter.
  9. Put your extension cords away with your holiday decorations. They are designed for temporary, not permanent use.
  10. Avoid overloading a multiple-slot extension cord with too many devices. That cord has to plug into an outlet that can overheat if you overload it.
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