Be on the lookout for scammers during pandemic

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It is unfortunate but predictable – you can count on scammers to take advantage of people when they are vulnerable, and the COVID-19 virus is no exception. Tennessee’s electric cooperatives encourage you to remain on the lookout for financial scams during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s vitally important, as your mind may be filled with other thoughts, to make sure you make wise financial decisions.  

Electric co-ops will not call you demanding immediate payment via prepaid card or personal information like social security numbers or checking account information. The same goes for the government or anyone claiming to be from a government agency.  

No legitimate party will require a checking account number, PIN, wire transfer or any other bit of personal information to conduct a transaction over the phone. The same is true for any potential government stimulus payments coming in the future.  

The same caution should be extended to emails and text messages offering services and resources: if the sender seems fishy, don’t click any links. When in doubt, contact your local electric co-op.

Keeping yourself safe during this pandemic should also include watching your financial health.

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