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Tennessee’s electric co-ops are always working to improve operational efficiency to provide the most reliable electric service possible for the people we serve.

Co-ops rely on data for nearly every aspect of our operations, and that is why your local electric co-op needs your help. By making sure they have your most accurate and complete contact information, your electric co-op can continue to provide the high level of service that you expect and deserve. Accurate information enables the co-op to improve customer service and enhance communications for reporting and repairing outages. It also allows consumer-owners to receive information about other important programs, events and activities.

Up-to-date contact information can potentially speed up the power restoration process during an outage. For example, the phone number you provide may be linked to your service address in an outage management system. This means when you call to report an outage, a system recognizes your phone number and matches it with your account location. Accurate information helps the outage management system predict the location and possible cause of an outage, making it easier and quicker for crews to correct the problem.

While co-ops always do their best to maintain service, occasionally planned outages are required to update, repair or replace equipment. In these instances, your co-op can provide advance notification to affected members through automated phone messages, text messages or email, if they have your updated contact information and communication preferences.

Keeping the co-op updated with your information also helps when there’s a question about energy use or billing. Emails and text messages are also used to notify registered members of any changes in co-op event details. In addition, discrepancies on your account can be taken care of promptly if your local co-op has accurate account information.

Many of you have been members of the co-op for years, and it’s likely that your account information hasn’t been updated for some time. We recognize that many members now use a cell phone as their primary phone service, and your co-op may not have that number in their system.

You can be confident that your local co-op will never sell your information. It is only used to communicate with you regarding your electric service. Please take a moment to confirm or update your contact information by contacting your local electric co-op. By doing so, you will be helping the co-op improve service and efficiency so they can better serve you and all members of the co-op.

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