EPA grants comment extension

The EPA announced on Tuesday that it will grant a 45 day extension to the comment period for its climate rule on existing power plants.

The announcement of a new Dec. 1 deadline comes after more than half of the Senate asked the EPA to extend the comment period for another 60 days. Both Sens. Alexander and Corker signed the letter sent to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy last week.

“The EPA’s proposed regulation will have significant impacts on the affordability and reliability of power and poses a threat to American jobs and the economy,” says David Callis, executive vice president and general manager of the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association. “We applaud the EPA’s decision to extend the comment period, we thank Senators Alexander and Corker for their support on this issue, and we encourage all Tennesseans to visit takeactionTN.com to send your own message to the EPA.”

Learn more about this issue at tnelectric.org/takeaction.

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  1. Dicky Duke
    Dicky Duke says:

    I am a retired American on a fixed income. If the “all but one” policy of Obama comes to pass, then just how am I’m supposed to pay my utility bill? Obama is certainly not going to pay my utility bill for me. Besides, I have been a hard working American for 45 years and I do not want government help. I want to be able to support myself on my own. This “all or nothing policy of Obama’s is bad for America and it’s citizens. Do NOT allow this to take place.


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