Co-ops alarmed by Obama proposal

NASHVILLE – In a speech today at Georgetown University, President Obama announced a broad federal mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electric power plants. The President will instruct federal regulators to apply the Clean Air Act to carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, effectively outlawing coal-burning facilities.

“More than 40 percent of electricity used in Tennessee comes from coal, so the President’s plan will be a disaster for Tennessee families and businesses,” says Mike Knotts, director of government affairs with the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association. “Reliable, low cost electricity is the backbone of the U.S. economy.”

While the President’s plan will impose costly regulations on all consumers, Tennessee’s electric cooperatives are especially concerned about this proposal because rural and low-income Americans already spend disproportionately more on energy than others.

“The President’s proposal will make electricity more expensive, causing families and businesses to sacrifice even more,” says Knotts. “Without question, electric bills will get bigger for the Americans who can least afford to pay them.”

Tennessee’s electric cooperatives will actively monitor this proposal, review its impact on ratepayers and keep members informed and engaged on the issue.

The Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association represents Tennessee’s 23 not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperatives and the 1.1 million consumers they serve across rural and suburban Tennessee. Click here to learn more and get involved.

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