Action Committee for Rural Electrification

The Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association and member co-ops in Tennessee support state and federal level candidates through our two political action committees.

TECA’s state level PAC is the Tennessee Action Committee for Rural Electrification (Tennessee ACRE) and our federal level PAC is the Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE). The Action Committee for Rural Electrification is the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s political action committee.

Both PACs support candidates for political office – those in office now and running for office – who will speak for and protect the interests of electric cooperatives and their consumer-owners. For more information on the ACRE program or eligibility to participate, please contact Mike Knotts, vice president of government affairs, at 615.515.5520 or

What is a PAC?

A PAC, or political action committee, is a group of people with common goals who pool resources to financially support candidates seeking an elected office. A PAC supports political candidates who represent the interests of its members.

Why do co-ops have a PAC?

The decisions made in Nashville and Washington, D.C. have a profound impact on co-ops and the communities they serve. Electric co-op employees and their consumer-owners need need elected officials who understand the important issues affecting their communities and who are willing to fight for rural and suburban Tennessee. ACRE supports the political candidates who speak for and protect the interests of electric co-ops in Tennessee and across the country.

Who can join ACRE?

Any of the following individuals are eligible to contribute to ACRE:

  • Any cooperative consumer-owner (member)
  • Salaried co-op employees with policy-making, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities*
  • Co-op directors
  • Spouses and family of eligible individuals

How much can I contribute?

ACRE is a uniquely structured PAC funded with individual contributions ranging from $25 to $500 per year. While any contribution is accepted and appreciated, the official membership recognition levels are:

  • Regular Membership: $25
  • Century Club: $100
  • Vice-President’s Club: $250
  • President’s Club: $500
  • Leadership Circle: $1,000

Does ACRE support both Democrats and Republicans?

Yes. ACRE is bipartisan, supporting candidates based solely on their support for electric cooperatives and issues important to rural and suburban Tennessee, regardless of their political party affiliation.

Contributions are not tax deductible, are voluntary and will be used for political purposes. You have a right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. ACRE raises personal, voluntary contributions from NRECA’s eligible membership. Federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from individuals other than NRECA and member-systems’ eligible employees, boards of directors, consumer-owners and the families of such individuals. Contributions from ineligible individuals will be returned.