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Free mobile app brings Nashville lawmakers one click away

[NASHVILLE] – Tennessee lawmakers will return to Nashville on Jan. 8 for the 111th Tennessee General Assembly. During the four to five-month session, they will consider legislation that can have an impact on Tennessee families and businesses. That makes it important to stay informed and, at times, reach out to your elected officials. Tennesseans interested in […]

Tips to prepare for winter storms

Tennessee’s electric co-ops work very hard to build strong and resilient power distribution systems, but winter storms can cause widespread damage for even the most prepared utilities. These tips from ready.gov can help your family be safe and better prepared for winter storms. Extended power outages may impact the whole community and the economy. A […]

Watts New with Solar

By Kaley Lockwood Although solar energy has been commercially available for decades, the evolution of the solar market has grown faster and more expansive than some originally anticipated. With the price of solar rapidly declining over the last several years, combined with the significant evolution of battery storage technology, new products and systems are now […]