What to Know About NRECA’s Commitment to Zero Contacts Phase 2

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association has released a second phase to the Commitment to Zero Contacts initiative. In April 2018, NRECA, Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange and electric cooperative statewide safety leaders introduced the initiative to provide co-op leaders with ideas and resources to reduce serious injuries and fatalities due to electrical contact. Though accident numbers have improved, they still occur regularly. Phase 2 takes a more hands-on approach to reduce these numbers.

“Phase 2 is a deeper dive into the real day-to-day conditions within the cooperatives, workforce and process,” Michael Simmons, Director of the Tennessee Job Training and Safety program, said. “The initiative will take a hard, personal look at the true practice while the work is being done, rather than what the ideal or highest standard is.”

Phase 2 allows operational department leaders and their frontline teams to work together to assess the best safety practices. This will include input from employees, facilitation and a two-way discussion. The approach also includes a 13-question survey, facilitated planning session, summary report, plan implementation, monitoring and follow up.

“The benefit for the cooperative is the opportunity to determine what’s really going on and to make meaningful changes, if needed, so that we can literally get to zero accidents,” Simmons said.

Commitment to Zero Contacts Phase 2 is currently being piloted at co-ops across the nation. If you are interested in learning more or participating, visit cooperative.com.

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