Canadian psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden once said, “The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

We have long been aware that the electric energy is changing. The evidence is all around us. From smart thermostats to electric vehicles, recent changes in technology and the growing expectations of our consumers impact much of what we do.

The struggle facing many utilities is how to accept this change and respond appropriately to the needs of our consumers.

Fortunately, [CO-OP NAME] is uniquely positioned to meet these changing energy needs because we are a cooperative.

October is National Co-op Month, which is the perfect time to highlight the many ways electric cooperatives are unique.

Co-ops are community-led. Our leaders are passionate about looking out for the long-term needs of our consumers. Our co-op belongs to the communities we serve. This focus allows us to quickly adapt to evolving consumer expectations. Our closeness to the community ensures a better response to these needs because we are led by the people that we serve.

Co-ops are a catalyst for good. We work each day to make our communities stronger and better prepared for the future. We engage with our consumers to do things that might otherwise be impossible or difficult, like more than 75 years ago when electric co-ops brought power to areas where other utilities did not find it economically feasible. Today, it means [insert information about projects and programs your co-op provides, like community solar, broadband, youth programs, multiple bill pay options, etc.].

[OPTIONAL] Later this month we will participate in the Tennessee Electric Co-op Day of Service, which is an intentional effort for the state’s co-ops to get our hands dirty by serving our communities. [INCLUDE DETAILS ABOUT YOUR PROJECT.] This is a small but real example of the many ways our co-op impacts the communities we serve.

The co-op business model is unique. It is pragmatic, mission-oriented and puts people first. Co-ops strive to be a trusted voice in their communities. Co-ops have earned that trust because, while not perfect, they always have their consumers’ best interest at heart and are determined to enrich the lives of those living and working in the communities they serve––now and in the future.

This co-op month, [CO-OP NAME] is renewing our commitment to not only be aware of the needs of our consumers, but to also accept our role in building up modern, well-prepared communities.



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