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  • First day of school – School starts today in [COUNTIES]. We hope that students, teachers and administrators have a great year! We’re rooting for you!
  • August 1 – Tuesday is #electionday. #coopsvote
  • August 2 – It’s #electionday. Make your voice heard. #coopsvote
  • August 3 – Move Over for utility workers in Tennessee. It’s the law. #moveoverTN [LINK TO MOVEOVERTENNESSEE.ORG]
  • August 6 – Share a behind-the-scenes image from the co-op (linemen loading up for the day, dispatch center, etc…) Explain how this work improves safety and reliability.
  • August 8 – Our crews train to be #everydaysafe. We want your family to be everyday safe, too. Tips to protect your family: [Link to].
  • August 10 – Share article from [LINK TO ARTICLE ON TNMAGAZINE.ORG]
  • August 11 – It’s National Safe Digging Day. Call #811 before you dig. [Insert GIF:]
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  • August 14 – Co-ops build stronger communities. #coopsbuildup Tennessee. [Share Build Up video:]
  • August 16 – Save energy and money by keeping your thermostat on 74 and using ceiling fans.
  • August 20 – Hey, teachers! [CO-OP NAME] has several programs and presentations available for your classroom at no cost. [DETAILS ON HOW TO LEARN MORE – VISIT WEBSITE OR CALL…] [POST PHOTO OF SCHOOL PROGRAM]
  • August 22 – Share article from [LINK TO ARTICLE ON TNMAGAZINE.ORG]
  • August 24 – VIDEO: Common Energy Myths:
  • August 28 – Today our crews are working in [LOCATION] to [DESCRIBE JOB] [POST IMAGE]
  • August 30 – Do you know your eScore? Visit [CO-OP SITE OR 2ESCORE.COM] for information and incentives to make your home more efficient.
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