While they are still fairly unusual here, electric vehicles are rapidly growing in popularity.

Sales of electric vehicles jumped by 40 percent in 2017, and there are more electric vehicles on the road today than ever before. Early electric vehicles had a very distinct appearance, but modern electric vehicles look much like traditional cars.

It is entirely possible that you could sit at a traffic light and not know what powers the vehicles around you.

The same could be said of the homes along your street.

[CO-OP NAME] purchases the energy that we deliver to your home or business from the Tennessee Valley Authority, and that’s a lot of power. Last year we purchased more than [XXXXX] billion kilowatt hours of energy from TVA – more than $[XXX] million worth.

The original mission of TVA was to improve flood control and navigation along the Tennessee River system. In the 1930s and 40s, the dams constructed by TVA revitalized the region and provided the first reliable and affordable energy to the area. Because of the impact that TVA’s hydroelectric dams had on our state, some believe that most of our power still comes from TVA dams. The reality is far more complex.

TVA maintains 73 generation sites that utilize several technologies and fuel sources to generate the power we depend on. Today, 40 percent of the energy they generate comes from nuclear, 26 percent coal, 20 percent gas, 10 percent hydro, 3 percent wind and solar and 1 percent from other sources.

Significant investments have been made in recent years to move away from traditional coal-based energy toward cleaner forms of power generation. Today the power you receive is 54 percent carbon-free. This is quite a change from just a decade ago, and TVA plans to reduce carbon generation even further.

[OPTIONAL] [CO-OP NAME] has also made significant investments in clean energy. [DESCRIBE EXISTING OR PLANNED COMMUNITY SOLAR PROJECT].

The next time you flip a switch or plug in a device, the energy you use could be coming from one of a number of sources, or most likely, a combination of generation plants using various fuel sources. Weather, demand, price and regulations are just some of the factors that determine what resources are used at any given time.

One day, you may decide to bring home an electric vehicle of your own. If someone asks you “Gas or diesel?” you can reply, “Nope. This baby is nuclear, coal, gas, hydro, wind and solar.”





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