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  • March 1 – Co-ops have a big impact on Tennessee. #coopsbuildup [Share Build Up video:]
  • March 2 – [Today/March 2] is National Employee Appreciation Day. We appreciate our awesome team that keeps the co-op running smoothly. #coopsbuildup [POST PHOTOS]
  • March 5 – Energy tip: Changing your air filter can save you energy and money.
  • March 7 – It pays to be safe. Visit for tops to keep your family safe around power lines.
  • March 9 – Don’t forget to spring forward on March 11. #DST
  • March 12 – Today we are taking young leaders to Nashville for the 2018 Youth Leadership Summit #2018YLS #coopsbuildup [LINK TO ARTICLE ON TNELECTRIC.ORG]
  • March 13 – We are preparing a new generation of rural leaders at #2018YLS this week in Nashville. #coopsbuildup [PHOTO]
  • March 14 – Our #2018YLS students are learning about government and co-ops this week in Nashville. #coopsbuildup [PHOTO]
  • March 15 – Share article from [LINK]
  • March 19 – Check out the incredible winners of the latest #Shutterbug photo contest sponsored by The Tennessee Magazine [LINK TO WINNERS AT TNMAGAZINE.ORG].
  • March 20 – Today is the first day of Spring! What do you enjoy most about the warmer weather?
  • March 21 – Monthly electric bills go up and down based on how much energy you use. Our [LEVELIZED/BUDGET] billing option can take the guess work out of your monthly bill. Sign up today. [LINK OR NUMBER TO CALL]
  • March 23 – Share article from [LINK]
  • March 29 – What’s your eScore? Visit [CO-OP SITE OR 2ESCORE.COM] for information and incentives to make your home more efficient.
  • March 27 – Tennessee law requires motorists to #moveover for utility workers. Learn more at [LINK TO MOVEOVERTENNESSEE.ORG]
  • March 29 –Today is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day Day. We want to recognize [insert info about a local “mom and pop” business]! Thanks for making our community brighter! [PHOTO]
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