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  • October 2 – In honor of #CoopMonth, we’re taking a look back (and forward!).  [LINK TO ARTICLE]
  • October 3 – Co-ops are committed to our principles. #coopmonth
  • October 4 – Co-ops are committed to impacting our communities. #coopmonth
  • October 5 – Co-ops are committed to our members. #coopmonth
  • October 5 – Today is Tennessee Co-op Day of Service. [INSERT PHOTO AND DETAILS ABOUT PROJECT].
  • October 6 – Co-ops are committed to our communities. #coopmonth
  • October 9 – Co-ops are committed to kindness. #coopmonth
  • October 12 – Link to article on tnmagazine.org or to local section in the DigiMag.
  • October 18 – Complete our eScore self-audit and get a free energy saving kit and $10 Home Depot gift card. [LINK TO CO-OP WEBSITE OR www.2escore.com] 
  • October 24 – Help us spread the word to #emergency responders. Share tips to keep them #solar panel #safe: [IMAGE]
  • October 26 – Follow these tips to slay energy vampires in your home. [LINK TO VAMPIRE ARTICLE ON YOUR WEBSITE]
  • October 30 – We’ve got the tricks to keep your #Halloween #safe and full of treats.
  • October 30 – Ghosts and goblins under 12 still need adult supervision. And the trick for treating older ghouls? Stay in well-lit areas with a group.
  • October 30 – #Safety first: Get seen on #Halloween. Having a great costume is just the beginning. #safety
  • October 30 – Headlights on. Eyes peeled. You’ll be prepared for trick-or-treaters and a zombie apocalypse. #Halloween #safety
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