[CO-OP NAME] has heard from a handful of our members who were contacted by Arcadia Power. We urge members of our co-op to thoroughly research Arcadia Power and fully understand what they offer before signing up.

Arcadia Power claims to be “the utility of the future” and offers to provide “renewable energy” to any home or apartment regardless of your location. It is important to understand that Arcadia Power is not a utility, and they are not actually selling energy. Instead, they are providing Renewable Energy Certificates designed to off-set a portion of your overall energy consumption. This does not replace the energy that flows into your home or create additional sources of renewable energy.

[CO-OP NAME] is aware of the environmental impact of power generation. We are proud that our energy supplier, the Tennessee Valley Authority, has made significant investments in clean generation that will reduce its system carbon dioxide rate by 60 percent by 2020. We support TVA’s ongoing efforts to diversify its power generation mix.


We also encourage our members to consider TVA’s Green Power Switch program. This program allows Mountain Electric Cooperative members to to purchase renewable energy generated right here in the Tennessee Valley for as little as $4 more on your monthly bill. Learn more about the Green Power Switch program at tva.gov.

[CO-OP NAME] is a consumer-owned, not-for-profit utility, and we are always available to help our members make smart energy decisions. Visit [WEBSITE URL] or call your local office to learn more.

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