July 2017

  • Leadership Column – Move over and save lives
  • Media Release – customize this and distribute to local media on or around July 1.
  • Talking points – Use these tips and schedule drive-time interviews for radio stations in your service area.

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Posts for July

  • July  3 – Independence Day office closed information
  • July 5 – Move over and save lives. Learn more at moveovertennessee.org.
  • July 6 – Protect your skin when outdoors. Follow our Lineman’s Guide to a Sun-Safe Summer [LINK TO https://www.tnelectric.org/2015/06/10/a-sun-safe-summer/]
  • July 11 – Enjoy the great outdoors, but keep safe. Summer electric safety tips for your family. [LINK TO https://www.tnelectric.org/2015/07/01/stay-safe-in-the-great-outdoors-this-summer/]
  • July 13 – Make plans for your provisions! Minimize food loss and reduce risk of illness before a power outage.
  • July 17 – Move over for utility workers in Tennessee. It’s the law. [LINK TO www.moveovertennessee.org]
  • July 19 – Move over to keep utility workers safe. [LINK TO VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uem13hqAaZE&t=1s]
  • July 25 – Co-op facts: [CO-OP NAME] serves #### meters in parts of ## counties.
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