The following resources are available for use in May.

Safety Month

  • Media Release – customize this and distribute to local media on or around May 1.
  • Talking points – Use these tips and schedule drive-time interviews for radio stations in your service area.

Other Resources

Social Media

Posts for May

  • May 1 – May is electrical safety month. Follow these tips to stay safe. [post media release above on your website and link to it]
  • May 2 – It’s planting time. Follow these tips to stay safe on the farm this season. [link to]
  • May 4 – Last year, [CO-OP INITIALS] employees presented electrical safety programs to more than [##] children and adults. [post photo of safety presentation or link to information on scheduling]
  • May 9 – Washington Youth Tour starts a month from today. This year, [CO-OP INITIALS] will take [NUMBER] young people to Washington, D.C. [post photo from 2016]
  • May 11 – On May 11, 1935, FDR created the Rural Electric Administration to help bring electricity to rural areas. [post photo of FDR]
  • May 15 – [Post information and link to co-op surge protection program]
  • May 17 – Remember: “H2O? Heck no!” Keep liquids far away from plugs and outlets to avoid shock hazards. #ElectricalSafetyMonth #PlugIntoSafety [Insert graphic]
  • May 18 – It’s National No Dirty Dishes Day. Follow these tips for selecting efficient dishwashers and other appliances. [link:]
  • May 22 – Overloaded outlets? You’re playing with fire! Multioutlet converters are no substitute for needed electrical upgrades. #ElectricalSafetyMonth [Insert graphic]
  • May 23 – Be the brightest bulb in the box. Avoid bulbs that exceed the recommended wattage for you fixture. #ElectricalSafetyMonth #PlugIntoSafety [Insert graphic]
  • May 24 – Don’t dig yourself an early grave. Dial 811 to avoid hitting underground utility lines. #PlugIntoSafety #ElectricalSafetyMonth [Insert graphic]
  • May 25 – Here’s one test you can’t afford to fail. Check and change smoke alarm batteries regularly. #ElectricalSafetyMonth #PlugIntoSafety [Insert graphic]
  • May 29 – Happy Memorial Day! We honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe. [post photo of local veteran’s memorial or flag in front of co-op office.]
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