Rural broadband discussed during
electric co-op day on the hill

NASHVILLE – Governor Bill Haslam welcomed a group from [CO-OP NAME] to Nashville on Tuesday, Jan. 30. [DIRECTOR NAMES] and [CO-OP STAFF NAMES AND TITLES] were among more than 200 electric co-op leaders attending the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association’s Legislative Conference.

“I’m really glad you are here today. If you have an interest, it matters that you show up and represent that interest,” sais Haslam. “The people who don’t engage on key issues are the people who don’t get their voices heard. There’s nothing like showing up in person.”

Conference attendees met with legislators on Capitol Hill to help them better understand electric cooperatives and the issues that impact rural and suburban Tennessee.

The event came just days after Gov. Haslam announced the Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Act which would lift regulations that currently prevent electric cooperatives from providing retail broadband service.

“There are about 800,000 Tennesseans who don’t have broadband, and its primarily in rural areas,” said Haslam. “We’ve had a long discussion on Capitol Hill about how to address that. Our proposal uses you – folks who are already in the community, who have those relationships.”


“Electric cooperatives have deep roots in the communities we serve,” says David Callis, CEO of the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association. “Our day on the hill is an opportunity to help lawmakers better understand the issues that matter to rural and suburban Tennesseans.”

“Decisions made in Nashville can have serious consequences for our co-op, our members and the communities we serve,” says [CO-OP LEADER, TITLE].  “We have a responsibility to our members to see that their voice is heard.” Attendees reminded legislators that co-ops are not-for-profit, consumer-owned and -regulated private businesses that impact rural and suburban Tennessee in many ways.


The Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association provides legislative and communication support for Tennessee’s 23 electric cooperatives and publishes The Tennessee Magazine, the state’s most widely circulated periodical. Visit or to learn more.

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