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    Tip of the Month

    Air is drawn into your home from low areas, so inspect your foundation for potential air-infiltration points. Fixing these leaks makes a bigger impact on your electric bill than sealing doors and windows! Caulk all cracks and gaps around your home including spaces around wires for telephone, electrical, cable, and gas lines, water spigots, and dryer vents. Find more ways to save at TogetherWeSave.com. Source: Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives

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    Hearts at Risk

    Blood pressure basics for American Heart Month Healthy hearts face risks from many different factors: high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, tobacco use, an unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and secondhand smoke, among others. But another common—and often misunderstood—risk factor is high blood pressure. One in three Americans suffers from high blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). With February designated as American Heart Month, now’s a great time to understand more about this condition. Blood pressure is typically recorded as two numbers, written as a ratio: 118/75 mm Hg. The top number, systolic, measures pressure in the arteries when a […]

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    Caulk up the Savings

    Caulk like a pro with these handy application tips | By Robert A. Dickleman The greatest sources of heating and cooling losses in your home are often invisible―air leaks. As a result, controlling air leaks provides the best way to extend the life of your home, conserve energy, save money, and increase comfort. Bottom line? If you don’t tighten up your home first, money spent on insulation may be wasted. Fortunately, you can seal a lot of leaks around your home’s exterior with less than $100 worth of caulk. It’s generally possible to seal openings up to one-quarter inch between […]

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    Stop Air Flow and High Energy Bills

    After a long day at work, I’m ready to go home and relax. Our homes should be an oasis for all of us—where we can kick back and get comfortable. But there’s no oasis of comfort when your home is too cold in winter or oppressively hot in the summer. That means it’s leaking air—and wasting money. One of the best things you can do if you have high electric bills is check the insulation. How much is in your attic and basement or crawl space? What kind is it? Is there an air barrier along with the insulation? The […]

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    Hill Blocks Funds for Bulb Standards

    By Todd H. Cunningham | ECT Staff Writer Congress has hit the “off” switch, at least temporarily, on the enforcement of light bulb efficiency standards that opponents characterized as an effective ban on traditional incandescent models. Enforcement of the standards, which would hike efficiency requirements by 30 percent, effective Jan. 1, was blocked by a provision inserted into an omnibus spending bill that will keep the federal government funded through the remainder of fiscal 2012. The provision bars the Department of Energy from spending funds to implement or enforce the light bulb standards, enacted in 2007, through Sept. 30. Congress […]

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    Milestone Reached at Solar Farm

    Chickasaw Electric Cooperative ready to receive power from West Tennessee Solar Farm ahead of schedule SOMERVILLE, TN – Chickasaw Electric Cooperative is pleased to announce the completion of system improvements between the cooperative’s Dancyville substation and the West Tennessee Solar Farm in Haywood County. The upgraded line was energized on Wednesday morning, Dec. 14, and the cooperative is ready to receive power from the 4.5 MW solar farm. The completion comes 11 weeks ahead of schedule. Energy produced by the West Tennessee Solar Farm will travel across nine miles of distribution line to Chickasaw Electric Cooperative’s Dancyville substation where TVA […]

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    Invite Safety Home for the Holidays

    With tips from the electric cooperatives of Tennessee and the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) The winter holiday season is traditionally a festive and eventful time of year, filled with celebrations, family gatherings, and visits from houseguests.  In fact, results from a national survey conducted by ESFI indicate that nearly sixty percent of Americans typically host guests in their homes during the holidays. It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic pace of holiday entertaining – cookies to bake, decorations to hang, presents to wrap – but ESFI and the electric cooperatives of Tennessee urge you not to overlook […]

  • Tom Purkey serves as Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association.


    The next chapter

    by Tom Purkey, Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association OK. Where do I begin? I have a real-life story to tell you — one with a happy ending and, yes, some tears. I moved from Oneida to Nashville 24 years ago, bringing my wife, Sharon, and our four wonderful young children. I had lived in that small Scott County town for 30 years, since I was 11. And Sharon had lived her whole life there until we decided that moving to Nashville could provide new, positive opportunities for the whole family. We loved the […]

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