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Tennessee delegate named youth tour spokesperson

Aaron Lay, a senior at Sequoyah High School, was named national spokesperson for the Washington Youth Tour. Sponsored by local electric cooperatives and coordinated by the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, the Youth Tour brings thousands of high school seniors to the nation’s capital each summer to learn about […]

Setting off fireworks on the Fourth? Look for power lines

If the fireworks show is in your yard this July 4, steer clear of power lines. Most people celebrate by watching a local, professional show — supervised by firefighters. But if you’re starting the performance early with consumer fireworks, here are some tips: Your fireworks might be legal, but that doesn’t mean they are safe. […]


Move Over

In 2011, following efforts by Tennessee’s electric cooperatives and municipal utilities, the state’s Move Over law was revised to not only include police, firefighters and other first responders, but utility workers as well. Unfortunately, motorists do not always heed the law. The requirements of the law are simple. On a four lane road, if safety […]

Outage management technologies improve reliability

“The only things certain in life are death and taxes,” the old saying goes. Well, we can add another to the list: power outages. An outage can range from annoying to dangerous, depending upon its timing and length. Your local electric cooperative’s primary goal is to deliver the highest possible quality of electric service at […]

Appreciating electricity a penny at a time

Guest column by Curtis Condon, editor of Ruralite magazine in Hillsboro, Oregon I’m old enough to remember when penny candy actually cost a penny. For a nickel, you could buy enough candy to rot your teeth out, as my mother used to say. But what does a penny buy these days? Not much. The government […]

Its not the heat, its the humidity

Why does a 95°F day in one of the Gulf Coast states feel hotter than the same temperature in the Southwest? Why do dry heat and humid heat feel so different, and how does this affect your strategy for home energy efficiency? While there are many common ways to achieve energy efficiency across all warmer […]