2011 ACRE Rankings


  • Tom Purkey serves as Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association.


    Counting My Blessings and Giving Thanks

    by Tom Purkey, Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association This is the season that, in my mind, stands out as the most important time of the year. It’s a time that challenges and inspires each of us to remember how we’ve been blessed — a time of thanksgiving. And, of course, it’s immediately prior to the season of giftgiving. Over the years, I have made a point of naming the things for which I’m thankful. So here I go, one more time: I’m thankful for … This wonderful country where we enjoy freedoms that […]

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    Seal cracks to save energy, money

    Finding and sealing air leaks can save you energy and money. Here’s a tip from the electric cooperatives of Tennessee that can help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter while lowering your utility bills. Caulking cracks and openings can save you $212 a year. Find cracks by waiting for a windy day and then carefully holding a lit incense stick or a smoke pen next to your windows, doors, electrical outlets, and other spots where outside air may infiltrate. If the smoke stream moves horizontally, you’ve found a leak that needs to be sealed. Experts recommend […]

  • Todd Blocker


    Todd Blocker named Director of Member Relations

    NASHVILLE – Todd Blocker is joining the staff of the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association as Director of Member Relations. Joe Jackson currently holds the position and has announced plans to retire in January. Since 2006 Blocker has served as the Sales/Marketing Manager at Utility Equipment Service in Spring Hill. Prior to that he served as a Regional Business Manager for the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative in Herndon, Virginia. While with NRTC Blocker served as a liaison to the rural electric and telephone cooperatives in nine southeastern states. Blocker is a native of Maury County, Tennessee, where he currently resides. He […]

  • Tom Purkey serves as Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association.


    We the people, the owners

    by Tom Purkey, Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association I have really enjoyed this year’s “annual meeting tour.” Culminating in October, that’s what I call my statewide journey, which I wrote about in my August column, to attend as many of the 21 autumn cooperative annual meetings (two were held in May) as I can. It’s impossible to get to all the meetings since some are scheduled on the same day. Maybe it’s because this is my last tour (I’ll give details in a later issue of The Tennessee Magazine) that I’m spending more […]

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    TVA board approves October rate increase

    On Thursday, Aug. 18, the Tennessee Valley Authority board of directors approved a wholesale rate increase that took effect on Oct. 1. The average cooperative residential member (using 1,000 kilowatt-hours per month) saw a $1.60 increase on monthly electric bills. TVA is raising electric rates to meet the power requirements in the Valley, make nuclear safety modifications following the earthquake in Japan, improve cybersecurity and continue investing in clean-air initiatives and energy efficiency. “These strategic investments are key to providing reliable, low-cost electricity now and into the future while being responsible stewards of Tennessee Valley resources,” said Tom Kilgore, TVA […]

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    Shutterbug contest winners

    Portrait photography can be difficult. More than a mere snapshot of a person you know, an effective portrait provides a window into the subject’s soul, giving viewers a more complete idea – beyond just physical characteristics – of just who that subject is. As with all of our Shutterbug Photography Contests, judging the entries in our “Portraits” competition was difficult, and there was no shortage of interesting, inspiring and downright entertaining entries – more than 1,100 were submitted. The judges thoroughly enjoyed “meeting” your parents, grandparents, children, friends, significant others and even pets and learning so much about these subjects […]

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    Download the October template. TVA board approves October rate increase On Monday, Aug. 8, the Tennessee Valley Authority board met in Knoxville. During this meeting, directors approved a $12 billion budget that includes the completion of the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Alabama and a $234 million wholesale rate increase. To the average [Cooperative Name] residential member (using 1,500 kilowatt-hours per month), this will result in an average increase of $1.60 to the monthly electric bills. Wholesale power is the largest expense for [Cooperative Name]. In 2010, we paid TVA more than [wholesale power cost for energy]. On average, [percentage] percent […]

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