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Col. Littleton

By Claire Sellers, Duck River Electric Membership Corporation “How’s your conduct?” This is a phrase you will hear quite often in the small town of Lynnville, located in Giles County. Col. Littleton himself uses this greeting often. The appropriate response is always: “Stellar.” Col. Littleton is an American fashion designer and business owner. Best known […]

2016 Youth Leadership Summit

Co-op Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   NASHVILLE – [HIGH SCHOOL NAME] student [NAME] and [HIGH SCHOOL NAME] student [NAME] were in Nashville March 21-23 for the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association’s annual Youth Leadership Summit. These students were chosen and sponsored by [CO-OP NAME]. Speaker Beth Harwell welcomed attendees to Nashville on Tuesday morning, March 22, […]


Young Leaders Descend on State Capitol for Youth Leadership Summit

Speaker Beth Harwell today greeted students from across Tennessee attending the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association’s annual Youth Leadership Summit in Nashville. Harwell welcomed the young leaders to the House Chamber of the Tennessee State Capitol this morning and spent time explaining her role as speaker of the House and the process that is required to […]

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Be a Co-op Voter

When was the last time you voted? As member-owned electric cooperatives, voting is already in our DNA. It’s how we maintain an electric utility which is responsive to the consumers it serves. But voting also plays a crucial part in our representative democracy. Federal, state and local elections offer an opportunity to exercise a civic […]

Knowing what to do saved their lives

When teenagers Lee Whittaker and Ashley Taylor saw a power line safety demonstration at their high school, they never dreamed what they had learned that day would be put to test. Only days later, Whittaker and Taylor, along with two classmates, were in a car that crashed into a utility pole, bringing live power lines […]

How to choose efficient appliances

It’s never a good day when you realize you need to replace a large appliance in your home. However, when the unfortunate time comes, be sure to take a moment and consider what you will purchase – especially for appliances that haven’t been replaced in a number of years, as the technology may have changed […]

2016 Legislative Conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Members take co-op message to legislators NASHVILLE – Directors and staff from [CO-OP NAME] were among more than 200 electric co-op leaders in Nashville on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 9 and 10, for the 2016 Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association’s Legislative Conference. [CO-OP NAME] directors [DIRECTOR NAMES] joined [CO-OP STAFF NAMES AND TITLES] […]