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Visit from elected official

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   [Politician name] visits [co-op name] [CITY] – [Politician Name] met with leaders from [co-op] today in [location] to tour the co-op’s facilities and better understand how the utility operates. [briefly describe visit] [quote from politician] “Electric cooperatives like [co-op] are not-for-profit and member-owned. That makes us rather unusual in the utility […]

Members speak up at 2016 TECA TennCom Conference

The name was not the only change visible in this year’s TECA Marketing, Communications and Member Service Conference, now known as TennCom. A new session allowed attendees to hear from co-op members. Four co-op members from various backgrounds and all parts of the state participated in the first “State of the Member” panel discussion. Panelists […]


Electric co-ops and a culture of safety

There is a children’s book titled Safety 1st, Safety Always. As you can imagine, it encompasses many of the traditional safety lessons parents should teach their children. We drill youngsters about safety from an early age because we know how important it is to protect ourselves and those we care about. In the spirit of […]

Energy savings beyond belief

A quick search of the Internet reveals many great ways to save energy around your home. Simple things, such as adding insulation or using energy efficient light bulbs, are simple and relatively inexpensive ways to save small amounts of energy. The same search will also reveal “amazing” products that claim to cut up to a […]


Are you prepared for severe weather?

Tennessee’s electric cooperatives are carefully monitoring the tomorrow’s threat of severe weather. Electric co-op crews will be on standby to restore power if outages occur. The American Red Cross recommends an emergency preparedness kit with these supplies in case of a prolonged or widespread power outage: Water—one gallon per person, per day (3-day supply for […]

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James Baker Recalled as Co-op Giant

Former NRECA President James O. Baker Dead at 77 By Derrill Holly, ECT.coop James O. Baker, a former NRECA president and longtime Tennessee co-op executive who helped shape the nation’s rural electric cooperative program for more than a generation, died April 11. He was 77. Baker began his career at Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Cooperative […]


Become a Co-op Voter

When was the last time you voted? As member-owned electric cooperatives, voting is already in our DNA. It’s how we maintain an electric utility which is responsive to the consumers it serves. But voting also plays a crucial part in our representative democracy. Federal, state and local elections offer an opportunity to exercise a civic […]