Co-op Facts and Figures

Co-op Facts and Figures

In Tennessee

23 distribution systems serve:

  • 1.1 million homes, farms, businesses and institutions
  • 17 percent of Tennessee’s population
  • Meters in 73 of Tennessee’s 95 counties

To perform their mission, Tennessee’s cooperatives:

  • Operate and maintain more than $2.8 billion in poles, lines, substations and other assets
  • Maintain 86,000 miles of line
  • Provide secure, well-paying jobs to more than 1,000 Tennesseans;
  • Contribute more than $94 million to Tennessee’s economy in payroll
  • Pay more than $63 million in taxes to the communities they serve


In America

841 distribution and 65 generation and transmission cooperatives serve:

  • 42 million people in 47 states
  • 18 million businesses, homes, schools, churches, farms and other establishments in 2,500 of 3,141 counties in the United States
  • 12 percent of the nation’s population

To perform their mission, America’s electric cooperatives:

  • Own assets worth $112 billion (distribution and G&T co-ops combined)
  • Own and maintain 2.5 million miles, or 42 percent, of the nation’s electric distribution lines, covering three quarters of the nation’s landmass
  • Deliver 10 percent of the total kilowatt-hours sold in the United States each year
  • Generate nearly 5 percent of the total electricity produced in the United States each year
  • Employ 70,000 people in the United States
  • Pay $1.4 billion in state and local taxes