Powering everyday life

From homes and farms to factories and hospitals, Tennessee’s electric co-ops have a big impact on the communities they serve. We power cell phones and coffee makers, MRI machines and military bases, daycares and dairy farms. But our work goes beyond keeping the power on.

Co-ops recruit jobs and investment to our communities. We prepare young leaders to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. We empower our consumers to control their energy costs through efficiency. We engage members to be active and informed when legislation and regulation affect their families.

The figures below tell the story of how co-ops power everyday life in our communities.

The far-reaching impact of Tennessee’s electric cooperatives

$2.8 Billion

in poles, wires and other equipment

$63 Million

paid in taxes for schools, roads and parks


employees at 24 co-ops across the state

$94 Million

in payroll and benefits for Tennessee families


Tennessee’s electric co-ops have sent more than 6,000 young Tennesseans to Washington, D.C., as a part of our annual Youth Tour program.  Weare committed to educating and preparing tomorrow’s leaders.


Keeping the lights on is a fundamental part of what we do, and we are very good at it. Tennessee co-ops kept the lights on 99.96 percent of the time, despite ice storms, tornadoes and other extreme weather events.


The Co-op Connections Card program has saved Tennesseans more than $2.6 million on prescription drugs. The card also provides savings on dental, vision and other services.


Tennessee electric cooperatives secure more than $4 million in economic development loans in 2013.  We fund regional industrial development, bringing jobs and investment to our communities.