What are electric cooperatives?

Electric cooperatives are not-for-profit utilities owned and regulated by the 1.1 million homes, farms and businesses we serve in rural and suburban Tennessee. Co-ops improve lives in our service areas through affordable and reliable energy and economic and community development activities.

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membershipCo-ops are member owned and regulated

Electric co-ops are owned by the members we serve. Members elect board members to represent their interests and set policy and procedures for the co-op.

notforprofitCo-ops are

Co-ops exist to serve our communities instead of shareholders. Co-ops distribute and sell affordable energy and invest any excess revenue back into the electric system.

communityCo-ops improve our communities

Keeping the lights on. Recruiting new industry. Educating the leaders of tomorrow. Electric co-ops take seriously our responsibility to improve lives in our communities.

Tennessee co-op members trust and appreciate their co-op

When asked to rate their local electric cooperative on a 10 point scale, members gave us an 8.65 for satisfaction, 8.74 for trust and an 8.64 for loyalty.

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About the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association

The Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association is a statewide organization established to serve the needs of Tennessee’s electric cooperatives. The association represents 24 individual power distributors including Tennessee’s 22 electric cooperatives and one municipal system.

The association exists to serve Tennessee’s electric cooperatives and their member-owners. The statewide association is similar to its member cooperatives in that it is nonprofit, member-owned and controlled by a board of trustees elected by the members.

TECA was formed in 1942. Its purpose, then and now, is to function solely for the benefit of its member systems and the consumers they serve. TECA maintains relationships with members of the Tennessee General Assembly and the United States Congress and provides communications and public relations support, including publishing The Tennessee Magazine. In addition to its legislative and communication tasks, TECA provides job training and safety programs, group purchase arrangements, coordinates mutual aid during disasters and provides programs to educate Tennessee’s rural youth.