Charging Stations at TECA




Charging Stations at TECA

Visitors to the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association in Nashville can now charge their electric vehicles thanks to new charging stations.

The two chargers are located in the parking lot on the east side of TECA’s building on Spence Lane. Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation and Murfreesboro Electric Department donated the units.

“We are excited to have these charging stations at our facility,” said David Callis, TECA vice president of statewide services. “This will help us gain more knowledge about electric vehicle technology and allow our members who have electric vehicles to charge them during meetings.”

“With our Volt and its onboard gasoline powered electric generator, I am not as range-anxious as are those with electric-only vehicles, but having the chargers at TECA certainly makes it nice to be able to plug in the Volt and get the benefits of the lower-cost and more environmentally beneficial electric miles for my return trip home from a meeting at TECA,” says Jim Allison, Duck River Electric president. “Thanks to TECA, MTEMC and Murfreesboro Electric for making these available.”

“Electric vehicles, especially all-electric, will continue to play a vital role in our economy, with the price of gasoline continuing to be unstable and the electric vehicles offering a much lower fuel cost option,” says Middle Tennessee Electric president Frank Jennings. “The industry today is facing many of the same issues that the early automobile did many years ago. Where do you buy fuel, and how do you maintain those vehicles?  New charging stations are beginning to pop up at most businesses, and the public is becoming more and more aware of what this all-electric vehicle is! It’s really an exciting time and gives us more options as we face environmental and energy-efficiency issues.”

The units were unveiled on Dec. 1 during the Central District Managers’ Association meeting.


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