Barns of Tennessee


Barns of Tennessee features photos submitted by readers of The Tennessee Magazine


Barns of Tennessee

Barns of Tennessee is a beautiful 152 page book that features photos submitted by readers of The Tennessee Magazine.

Whether built of stone, log, brick or metal, barns have long been the heart and soul of Tennessee farms. With this collection of photographs comes many heartfelt stories from Tennesseans about their ancestors, families, and barns.

In Barns of Tennessee, authors Caneta Skelley Hankins and Michael Thomas Gavin explore various types of building methods and architectural types, comparing and contrasting their similarities and differences. They examine the relationship of barns to their traditional agricultural uses as shelters for animals, storage for crops, and work spaces. The final sections provide photographs of barns used for advertisements and comparisons of barns used in past and present incarnations, describe some new and different uses, and mention a few of the options available to owners to help them hold on to their barns. Finally, they take a look at barns whose futures are uncertain and end the tribute to barns with images of a few of those that no longer exist.

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    November 11, 2012

    I wanted to order this book. but when I try to get TNMagazine, I keep getting TNTMagazine.


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